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What Do You Need In The Xf2 Xengallery Version? Vote for your choices here: http://www.sonnb.com/threads/what-do-you-need-in-the-xf2-xengallery-version.1539/

Question What Do You Need In The Xf2 Xengallery Version?

Discussion in 'XenGallery' started by sonnb, May 2, 2020.

  1. sonnb

    sonnb Administrator Staff Member

    In case you did not know how the XF2 XenGallery is going on, I have posted a post here: http://www.sonnb.com/threads/what-happens-when-xf-2-0-is-out.1146/page-8#post-6926

    As you might see there, I will not able to migrate all the features from XF1 XenGallery to XF2 XenGallery because of the following reasons:

    - There are too many features and those are preventing me from doing the XF2 XenGallery. Took too much of workload and headeach.
    - Lot of features are cool in the past but now need to be rework.
    - Some were included in XF2 and must be integrated (tags...)

    I make this thread is to hear your voices, your votes for which features you need the most to see in XF2 XenGallery. This will help me to drive it into right direction and has clear roadmap for this add-on.

    I have created a survey here: https://forms.gle/dCeVBg4eXUpdDUdu5

    Please help me by fill it out. I will later list the features in priority based on the number of votes.
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