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Help Disable 'download Original Photo'

Discussion in 'XenGallery' started by Glock, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Glock

    Glock Authorized Member Authorized

    This is rather an urgent issue, how can I disable 'download' original photo, or adjust the permissions correctly?
    I have members, who are able to download other members' photos.

    Even though the privacy is set to 'only me' - we can still download photos.
    How can I disable this completely?
    Or is there a usergroup permission that I haven't seen which prevents this?
    It's quite urgent and I appreciate all and any help.

    Many thanks :)
  2. sonnb

    sonnb Administrator Staff Member

    You still can see the download because:
    - You are the owner of the album.
    - You are administrators/moderators with view any content permission enabled.

    There is no permission to prevent downloading since it is album's individual privacy.

    If you do not want to store original photos, you might want to enable the option "Disable original photo concept" in Options. But please take note that, some features rely on original photos will not work if you disabled it.
  3. Glock

    Glock Authorized Member Authorized

    Okay so is it a bug then?
    Because it is disabled in the options, but users can download the images?
  4. sonnb

    sonnb Administrator Staff Member

    Users still can download the images which are displaying on the screen not the original images. If you want to remove this link as well then you can edit the template to remove them. There are 2 templates:
    - sonnb_xengallery_photo_view
    - sonnb_xengallery_photo_view_overlay.
  5. Glock

    Glock Authorized Member Authorized

    Ah I see....
    yes okay I was just about to remove the download button.

    Thank you so much again, I really appreciate your help. :)
  6. sonnb

    sonnb Administrator Staff Member

    You are welcome.
    Glock likes this.
  7. snoopy5

    snoopy5 Authorized Member Authorized

    I bookmark this for me.

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