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sonnb - XenGallery (XenForo Gallery) 2.6.8

Modern Albums with Photos and Videos gallery for your XenForo

  1. Added inline moderation, category's permission, advanced photo search fields...

    - Added Permission for category. You could configure who can view, who can post.
    - Added option to add some copyright/TOS text to gallery pages. (Appears above xengallery's default copyright).
    - Added option to enable advanced photo search fields (ISO, Shutter Speed,...). This option requires rebuild search index for Photo.
    - Added inline moderation for photos (album view) and comments (photo view, album view). This feature is visible to users who have "Delete any photo" or "Delete any comment" only.- Minor code and template changes

    - Fixed issue camera was not inserted to photo_camera table during rebuild photo with "rebuild EXIF" option enabled.This lead to an issue if user click on camera's name in photo view. This requires you rebuild photo's data with "rebuild EXIF" option checked.
    - Fixed undefined index error relating to disable location option. You would not get this issue if you do not checked "Disable Location Page" option.- Fixed some issues with External Importers as sometime values are not bound into the queries.


    1. 8-14-2013 7-02-40 PM.png
    2. 8-14-2013 7-02-56 PM.png
    3. 8-14-2013 7-03-50 PM.png
    4. 8-14-2013 7-04-25 PM.png
    5. 8-14-2013 7-04-56 PM.png
    6. 8-14-2013 7-05-20 PM.png
    7. 8-14-2013 7-06-02 PM.png
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