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sonnb - XenGallery (XenForo Gallery) 2.6.8

Modern Albums with Photos and Videos gallery for your XenForo

  1. Added vB4 Album importer, Search ability and bugs fixing.

    - Added vB4 Album importer to XenGallery. To use the importer: AdminCP -> Tools -> Import External Data -> vBB 4.x => sonnb - XenGallery. You must previously imported from vB4 and you must have the archived import log to perform this action.
    - Added Search function for albums and photos. YOu need to rebuild Albums and Photos to add existing Albums and Photos to search index.
    - Added rebuild User album count and photo count during User Rebuild.
    - Other minor changes

    - Fixed Right To Left issue for: photo view's arrows and photo rotate buttons order (left, right).
    - Fixed wrong overlay for photo and album edit. Should not redirect to regular page.
    - Fixed Soft deleted photo still shown in Album edit to normal users.
    - Fixed photo position counting (from 0 instead of 1).
    - Disabled auto check the "Direct tagging" in user's setting page that made confusing to users.
    - Fixed Grammatical Error On Alerts
    - Fixed error while Hard delete photo/album
    - Fixed error while rotate photo if has Externaldataurl configured
    - Fixed typos in [xfru] User Album Importer
    - Fixed "no cover photo" if users delete cover photo.
    - Fixed "Undefined index: album_state" while listing user's likes.
    - Fixed wrong direction of Photo rotating.
    - Splitted Camera Data to several single SQL queries to fix error during installation for some users.


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