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sonnb - Stop Spam Here 2.0.0 RC 6

A total spam protection tool for your forum

  1. Fix bugs

    - Fix an issue which throws errors in the Server Log if the point system has been activated.
    - Fix an issue which throws an error when creating a Thread.
    - Fix an issue due to an deprecated API in the latest GuzzleHttp version in XF2.
  2. Fix bug

    Fix a minor issue where an error could be raised if the bot API addon is not installed.
  3. Bug fix

    I accidentally overwrote the addon.json file in the RC3 build, threfore you might get the 'Please enter invalid title' on installation. This RC4 release will fix this issue.
  4. Bug fix

    Fix an issue with the registration checking.
  5. Bug fix and bot API integration

  6. Fix an error on installation or upgrade

    Fix invalid callback class on installation or upgrade.
  7. First RC version for XF 2.0

    This is first RC release for XenForo 2.0. This release is only compatible with XF 2.0. If you are on XF 1.x, please do not download this release.

    This is a tested release but since XF 2.0 changed all the codes, I would like to mark it as RC to gather feedback to make it works smoothly.
  8. Bug fixes

    - Fixed issue with PHP 7.1.
    - Fixed issue with IP v6.
  9. Add an exception catcher in case API returns unexpected data.

    Add an exception catcher in case detectlanguage API returns unexpected data.
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  10. Added Language detection, new options and changes.

    - Add "Language detection" to prevent inappropriate language on your forum.
    - Add a new option "check thread title" in tab "Keyword checking". It will allow you to check for inappropriate keywords in thread title.
    - Add 3 new options "Check for MEDIA BBCode", "Check for IMG BBCode", and "Check thread title" in tab "Link checking".
    It allow to check for images and videos in posts and also in the thread's title.
    - Added tabs to allow filter Stop Spam logs by content type.
    - Refactor code...
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